Everyday Healthy Breakfast Choices

Everyday Healthy Breakfast Choices

EverydayHealthy Breakfast Choices

Breakfastis considered the most important and one of the most extravagantmeals of the day. You don’t have to sacrifice the taste to be healthy— here are a few food choices you can make to eat healthily andfeel better every day!

Bake,Don’t Fry

Bakedis the way to a fitter, healthier you, without the need to compromiseon taste. Just because you are trying to eat clean, you don’t need tohave a bland meal. Consider eating baked sweet potato wedges,cauliflower, zucchini cubes, or tomatoes for breakfast. There are somany options, so start exploring the internet!

GrilledVegetables or Healthier Dips 

Youmay not believe it, but your regular mass-produced ketchup contains alot of sugar. Avoid that and other unnecessary fats in your dips bysubstituting them with healthier options like hummus, homemade pesto,or grilled vegetables.

CleanBreakfast Bowls over Cereals

Seasonalfruit is tasty and naturally sweet. 

Trymixing them with greek yogurt that is rich in protein and your seedchoice, and make a breakfast power bowl! Visit our store to check outour diverse range of healthy (and needless to say, all organic)cereal mixes, bars, seeds, and other grains if you want to godairy-free!

Nuts& Seeds

Latefor work? We’ve all been there. It doesn’t mean you miss out on yourbreakfast. Grab a handful of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, etc. instead. That will give you strength and nutrition for anextended period.

BoiledEggs Over Fried Eggs

Hard-boiledeggs are incredibly versatile – mash them up with clean chutneys(think of fresh coriander and chili chutney!) or spreads (healthypesto!) for a new flavor every day.


Before,or as, your first step towards breakfast, one of the best things todo is drink water. Water fires up your metabolism, moisturizes you,helps your body flush toxins out, provides fuel for your brain, andcan even make you eat less or as much as your body actually needs.

Don’tskip breakfast

Thesmartest decision you can make for a healthy lifestyle would be tonever miss your breakfast!