We’reall aware of how a good skincare routine is essential for keepingyour skin in good condition, healthy and smooth. An effective routinecan do wonders for your skin’s glow! Continue reading to find out anew, organic skincare routine we prepared for you!

Didyou know that raw honey has been used throughout history as a folkremedy and has different health benefits and medical uses? It’s evenused as a treatment for wounds in some hospitals. Today, we’re goingto focus on raw honey benefits for your skin.

Rawhoney is packed with components beneficial for your skin, especiallyif you have problematic skin – acne or autoimmune skin conditions. Italso helps the bacteria on your skin balance, making it an excellentacne product to use. On top of that, honey speeds up the healingprocesses of your skin cells. Unpasteurized honey may speed healingand decrease inflammation if you have blemishes or an eczemaoutbreak. In addition, raw honey is also a natural exfoliator, whichmeans applying it to your face helps take off dry and dull skin.

Switchup your usual skincare routine and try the 1-week honey challenge!Follow these DIY steps to accomplish your very own honey golden glow.You’re not going to get the results you want unless you use OrganicRaw Honey, so stay away from the cheap stuff in the supermarket!


Sinceraw honey is antibacterial, you can use it in your everyday cleansingroutine.

    1. Before cleansing, remove your makeup with micellar water.2. Run your hands under the tap, then pat your face so it’s slightly wet. Honey won’t stick if your face is too wet.3. Massage your raw honey into your skin.4. Rinse off.


Sinceraw honey crystallizes over time, you can use the tiny granules as agentle exfoliant. 

            1. Remove any makeup or dirt.
            2. Smooth the honey on your face, be very careful to avoid your eye area.
             3. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then gently massage it off with a wet towel.

Voila!Silky smooth skin with absolutely no chemicals!

Usingraw honey on your skin might sound weird at first, but give it a go!When you are trying to use all-natural stuff, this product is reallya game-changer. Step up your beauty game with this skincare routine!For more tips and tricks and organic topics, make sure to visit ourblog often since we upload a new article each month!