The Best Natural Sweeteners to Use

The Best Natural Sweeteners to Use

The Best Natural Sweeteners to Use

Life is a littlesweeter with sugar. However, the levels of sugar which our society ispresently consuming are a direct reflection of our global chronichealth concerns. Usually, we’re only supposed to consume 25-36g ofsugar a day (this does not include the beautiful natural sugars infruits), but realistically the typical American consumes 71.14g eachday – that is 17 whole teaspoons!

Excessive sugarconsumption is playing a major role in overall health; it might leadglucose levels to spike, increase the probability of diabetes,obesity, and cardiovascular disease, impact immune function, causenutrient deficiency, accelerate aging, lead to tooth decay and gumdisease (which can result in heart disease), influence cognition inchildren, improve strength, and so on.

Below are ourpicks of the very best natural sweeteners to use.

Maple Syrup

Not only can itbe a beautiful sweetener, but when enjoyed in balance, it can reallyhave some incredible health benefits. It contains calcium, potassium,iron, zinc, and manganese, together with at least 24 antioxidants.Maple syrup provides your body with the energy it needs during thedigestion process and is absolutely low in calories and high innutritional value. What makes maple syrup the best natural sugarsubstitute around? The answer is antioxidants, especially in relationto weight loss. A study conducted at the University of Rhode Islandshows that consuming just one tablespoon of maple syrup per day cangreatly reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed into the body.

Coconut Sugar

A simple swap forany sweet recipe would be coconut sugar. You still need to consume itin moderation, but coconut sugar carries far more nutrients thanrefined white sugar. It is created from the dehydrated sap of thecoconut palm. It keeps nutrients like the minerals iron, zinc,calcium, and potassium, together with some short-chain fatty acidslike polyphenols and antioxidants.


When choosing thebest natural sweeteners, what could be more beneficial than a productderived from the bees? Why? Because honey is a natural product devoidof any calories or other substances that could lead to weight gain.In addition, as a sweetener, it has a plethora of health benefitsthat have been proven through centuries of use. Raw honey containshigh concentrations of antioxidants and other healthy compounds thatcan help you lose weight faster.