What is a Keto diet?

What is a Keto diet?

The keto diet hasbeen around for some time but recently has gained in popularitybecause many well-known celebrities have adopted it. Adopting theketo diet will enable you to lose weight without having to worryabout starving yourself through the severe restriction of calories.As a result, your metabolism will be forced to slow down, which makesyour body work more efficiently. Below we take a look at the benefitsof this popular diet.


First off, theketo diet can greatly improve your overall heart health. High-densitylipoprotein is considered to be an important part of staying healthy.The keto diet eliminates high-density lipoprotein, which is known asbad cholesterol, which makes up 80 percent of the cholesterol in yourbody. Also, the keto diet eliminates triglycerides which are veryharmful to your cardiovascular system.


Another benefitof following a keto diet is that you avoid gaining weight ordeveloping excess body fat. While restricting carbohydrates and fats,your body burns off calories at a much higher rate, thus causing yourmetabolism to speed up. In other words, you will be burning offcalories at a much faster rate than you would with other low-carbdiets. Your muscles burn off calories and fat throughout the day, soyou will not have a problem with weight gain. You will also noticethat you don’t get hang-ups as easily.


You may haveheard that by cutting out carbohydrates and fats you will developketosis which is a condition where you are losing ketones throughyour urine. However, ketosis is not the same as to diet. Ketosis is acondition wherein your body is burning fat instead of glycogen. It’sbelieved that ketosis can occur as a result of a hypoglycemiccondition that causes low levels of glucose in the bloodstream,resulting in increased burning of fat for energy.


Once you get usedto eating on a diet, you will also experience many other benefits.You will get used to how your body feels and how it reacts todifferent foods. The biggest benefits of the diet include the factthat it will help you lose weight, clear up your breath, improve yourdigestion, increase your energy levels, lower your cholesterol level,improve your mood, reduce your stress, improve your sleep quality,lower your risk of cancer and other health problems and even prolongyour life expectancy.